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About Calibre | Calibre

About Calibre

Guys like functional gear, and tools, which is why sport and military watches are so popular. These are watches designed to serve a purpose, and to stand up to the rigors of an active lifestyle. Samuel Friedmann introduced the Calibre watch brand in 2002 in response to a growing demand for purpose-built watches at affordable prices.  
Effective tool watches are durable, dependable and functional – Calibre watches meet all of these criteria. Every Calibre watch is made of stainless steel and houses a dependable quartz movement, and every watch is task oriented.  
Sometimes the mission is straightforward, requiring a simple time-only readout with excellent legibility and a 24 hour time display (also known as military time). Other times the assignment requires specialization, such as a chronograph function to measure elapsed time or substantial water resistance for underwater use. Timing bezels are also useful in a military context, as are sturdy bracelets and straps.  
Well-made and purposeful equipment is, of course, also useful in civilian life, which is why many pilots, motorists and other active professionals choose Calibre. Best of all, Calibre watches are as stylish as they are robust, suitable for casual day-to-day wear while remaining mission-ready for any unexpected action. Gearhead, athlete or enthusiast, stay prepared – wear a Calibre.